No Man is An Island

No Man is An Island

It always seemed wrong to me to beat on the president. Any president. A lot of other people felt this was the right person for the job and I choose to respect that, as much as I disagreed. I disliked the last guy, even though, on paper, he should have been great, but I never felt the need to jump up and down on him. The Hillary Loser Syndrome really lived up to its name and I was a little disgusted by what some people would do when they do not get the girl.

Today that seems like nothing compared to all I have witness. A man who wields considerable power and respects none of it. A man who was happy to publicly wrap his arms around a number of different groups just so he could get elected. A party not only happy to help but willingly an accomplice. Later he would pretend he never did any of this while going out of his way to hurt those very people who helped him and make a spectacle of it. This is not The New Behavior of America. At least I hope it is not.

This goes beyond late night TV comics implying all politicians are dishonest with their bad jokes. This is several new levels beyond the norm even after accepting all that. Levels which are often flaunted as a man who feels he is an island. Just for a few minutes forget about what others things, we need to focus on us right now.

This goes way beyond politics for me. This is a dishonest, lying, do-anything-to-acquire-more-power, downright bad person.

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