Meta Person

Meta Person

This blog is not about politics. This blog is not about my beliefs on right or wrong or in what directions we, or anyone, should be headed. While I have strong opinions, often strongly voiced, this blog is not about that. I am just so baffled about something that I do not know how to keep these thoughts to myself. I do not seek to attack. Take this post for what you will because I do not really know what a reasonable response is.

Wherever you fall on any particular issue I am forced to ask one question: This?

I imagine a large group of people all working together as a kind of meta person. Everyone coming together to crack a giant rock too big for an individual or fly to a distant planet I could only dream of doing alone. Within this framework I wonder and ask the following.

I assume people were so excited to hear whatever they were so excited to hear that we all, together, with our collective brain power, choose this? I suppose it is easy to be blinded to all other things by something we desperately want now appearing obtainable. Something being dangled just out of reach until we gave whoever whatever they wanted first? Something so tantalizing that all other concerns fall to the wayside? All the potential detriment included?

What about what comes after? Even for individuals who like what they are seeing are they not also confused? Confused by obvious, blatant, logistically, and logically impossible fallacies? To the best of my knowledge there is less ice than there used to be, I will live out my entire life on a spheroid, and there are more sick kids than there used to be in recent memory.

We, both as individuals and as some kind of meta person, have access to unprecedented levels of data. Things are frequently easily verifiable. Not by heading to some far off repository of knowledge and experience, which will take a large time commitment, but already in our pockets and on our desks. Do we assume we do not need to use it because we already know the answers? Do we know the answers simply because we heard what we wanted to hear? Is a problem that “needs to be fixed at all costs” really worth all it would cost? Is this model sustainable?

We all misstep from time to time; Even with the best of intentions. With purpose or on accident if I hurt you I also hurt me in the long term.

“We will next stumble over the same giant rock a second time” I wonder and ask.

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