Old Mr. Jones Yells at Cloud

Old Mr. Jones Yells at Cloud

Someone just sent me an article about yellow/green cabs going broke.

I remember when Uber/Lyft/Via were new guys and the “traditional” cabs fought back; That made sense. I do have to wonder, however, after everyone started to love the “new way” of doing things and the business model became proven why continue to fight? Someone else did the risky part (proving the model and putting out the money to do so). Why not just let them do the hard work, copy them, leverage your huge, established fleet, and drive your competition out of business that way while making all the money you were already making plus more with this new system? These guys are the equivalent of old Mr. Jones on the corner yelling at kids who ride their bikes on the sidewalk. My city did eventually introduce Curb but it was too little, too late, and too much time was wasted… while continuing to fight a pointless and expensive war (both in money and time) they already lost.

I have always loved the following quote:

If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will.
– Steve Jobs

I want to say “if this was handled right” but instead find myself saying “just fucking stop it, idiots.”

One day I hope to be old. I wonder how I will handle things then.

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