Why do I do it?

Why do I do it?

My name is Nicholas J Ingrassellino and I like to tinker with things. More specifically the two things that have kept my attention longer than anything else: technology and computer software. I love these things. I love the way they come together and just work when done correctly.

The World Wide Web is one such thing. It has allowed so many people to communicate so many things from around the globe– and soon away from our planet— yet we are complacent with it. I am convinced that there is so much more it can do. What do we have yet to figure out? What are these things in our future?

With the software already deployed on virtually everyones home computers I am sure I can create real-time applications that do not require browser plug-ins or other special software. I am convinced I can get grandparents, grandchildren, friends separated by great distance, and everyone else to spend more time together and communicate with virtually no learning curve.

I am interested in using my experience and knowledge for these purposes because no one else did. This is one thing the modern Web can be. This is something I can do.

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