Developers of Facebook v2

Developers of Facebook v2

It is exactly one year later (which is a bizarre coincidence) and I am once again torturing myself. Facebook, I am told, is gradually changing a lot of its API-related stuff. One of the things that jumped out at me first was its slow migration away from FBML. I always like to control my own stuff as much as I can so I never seriously considered it (they allow you to host your own stuff and stick it in an iframe on their site as an alternative). Still, I think this is a good move for them. It allows finer control for serious developers and– very slightly– stops people from making crap since they need some commitment such as their own web servers before even starting.

Any way, we will see how it goes. If it is anything like last time there will be a lot of kicking and cursing followed by yet another pledge never to use the Facebook APIs again.

Update 2011.04.16
This is still extremely painful. I had told myself over and over again to just stick with it. To just work hard and I will figure it out. Well nuts to that! The tipping point? I just copied and pasted one of their most basic examples and all I can get it to do is sit in an infinite loop that loads the same page over and over. Their documentation looks great until you start to try what they are attempting to explain. They have several concepts that are only explained in hidden links through the manuals which are a bitch to find and when something goes wrong there is no help.

Fuck. This.

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