Apple iPad vs MSI Tablet

Apple iPad vs MSI Tablet

Although I have never been a fan of The Apple Way tm I was super unimpressed by their new iPad showing. After all, these are the guys who really did a lot to bring the mobile data device away from BlackBerry and business users into the main stream so much more so than it already was. For Apple to create an iPod Touch that does not fit in your pocket seems like an idea that skipped the blind taste test of consumer electronics.

Enter semi-speculation: The MSI tablet. Details are still emerging and polishing still needs some doing but what I have seen so far has me optimistic. Due out in ~five months and running Android this could be my new netbook replacement. It has inherent multi-tasking (a feature the iPad does not) and runs on similar hardware. It supports 1080p, HDMI out, and a screen that reportedly works very well in direct sunlight. It also sports WiFi and 3G connectivity. Bluetooth would be a nice touch (unless that was already announced and I missed that part). The price point is looking to be the same as Apples cheapest iPad.

MSI Android Table at CES 2010

Perhaps the HP Slate might be worth a look?

Update 2010.02.04
Lenovo has unveiled a tablet with a nifty feature I have never seen before; You can rip its frak’n head off! The screen detaches from the rest of the device and can be used independently. My guess is the keyboard and company are akin to a USB device. My only question is can you charge just the screen component since that is obviously where the battery is? Between the price tag on this thing and the fact that I have fallen in love with the Android OS I am not sure this peeks my interest beyond the “wow” factor.

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