Robot Traverses Maze

Robot Traverses Maze

At the Singapore Robotic Games where “automation is a key factor towards advancement… to a technologically sophisticated country” some people have built a maze for robots to run through.

This is very similar to something I had done in high school except my maze and robots were virtual. With the introduction of the LEGO Mindstorms things that were the domain of nerds in academic labs before are now accessible to a wider audience. This audience includes people of a younger age than was commonly seen before. I often wonder what technology that I drooled over a year ago will soon be inexpensive enough for me to buy and screw around with.

2009 Singapore Robotic Games MicroMouse Robot Competition

2 thoughts on “Robot Traverses Maze

  1. I am the coach of an FLL team. We are about to start spring training, and I was snooping around for challenges for our training sessions when I came upon your blog. I have already built the maze, and in 3 weeks, my team will build a robot and come up with a strategy to navigate the maze.

    I watched the youtube video of the Singapore Robotic Games with great interest (and will show it to the kids). Can you tell me what the “MicroMouse” is? Can I buy one?

  2. I honestly have no idea. It was just a video I came across a while back and thought I would comment on it.

    With that said MicroMouse is just the name of a specific competition with specific rules. Really any tiny robot that can run the maze might be called a “MicroMouse.” There are many resources you can find on Google for building tiny robots that can run a maze. The hardest part is going to be the programming of one.

    I am not sure what you mean by “kids.” If they are that young or inexperienced perhaps the LEGO MindStorm is the place to start; It comes with a nice, GUI-based “programming” interface that serves as a great introduction. All the basic concepts are there and it will help build a solid foundation for future robotic projects.

    Good luck!

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