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Month: March 2008

Indie Game Shirts

Indie Game Shirts

When I say “indie” you may think about movies or music. Most people would. Most people can go far, far away.

When I say “indie” I am often referring to independent video games. There are no big budget titles here (hell, there may not be any budget at all) but there are tons of awesome ideas. Even Values block-buster Portal has its roots in an indie.

Now a group of people by the collective name of The Experimental Gameplay Project has started a line of clothing they call EGPApparel. These are indie-inspired shirts with clever slogans on them from some of my personal favorites. Although this is news-worthy alone what makes it even better is you also get a copy of the full version of the game with a purchase of a shirt. This kind of brings me some hope as my own current indie project has yet to see the light of day.

Fast Forward While Writing This Entry
While my mood was in an elevated state due to this news I made the mistake of reading some user comments on the reporting sites comment section. It seems Target is killing off this little experiment off despite the fact that the shirts (and games) are selling. Simple Tanks, we hardly knew ye’.