Unknown Armies Online

Unknown Armies Online

After some research I have discovered there is no good way to run an Unknown Armies game online. This brings me to my next thought:

What would I include if I were to make my own “Unknown Armies Online” system?

Obvious stuff includes character sheets, dice rolling, a chat system– both PC-to-PC/GM and public– and a map. I imagine it being a web-based, AJAX application. This way the platform is already deployed (virtually everyone already has it) and is low bandwidth.

I am not saying I am going to make my own but it is tempting.

Update 2007.07.20
I just had a fellow ask me if I needed any help with this project. I am not sure how he/she found out about my blog but I am happy he/she did. There may be interest in this out there after all.

For anyone wondering I responded with a “I would like this to be a personal project”.

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